Alfa the Wizard
"...Black Doom.....What are you planning for Sia?..." - Alfa at the end of the RP Solo Story: Sia's Hometown Shock Part 1.

Alfa is a old wizard that seems to be friends with Sia who appeares in the RP Solo Story: Sia's Hometown Shoke and the Life of Heroes RP 2: Death from Above. He first appeares in both of Sia's memories that was shown to Crash Man, Shadow and Crash the Hedgehog while they were in her head trying to stop Demon Sonic from controllying her. His real name is Abutono Zonico Universallno the 5th, but Sia calls him "Alfa" because she says that he's like "the alfa dog in Aura Energy knowlage". In the RP, Alfa was called in by Q's Uncle to find out whats wrong with CM while he was glowing. After they all left the manstion, Alfa cures Crash Man from his exposure to the deadly radiation, along with The Chaotix, Q's Uncle, and Coco and is now comming along with the heroes.

Alfa's Stats


Sia (student to teach about the Aura Energy Guardians), Dr. Bluesmith (more like aquentences), Crash Man, Shadow, Q-Pid, Q's Uncle, Aku Aku, Luna.


Black Doom, NightDusk, Spark, Shade, Sal (possibly).


Wise, loyal to his word, somewhat not understandable (to Sia only)




  • When Alfa talks to Sia about the day she dosen't remember, he gives her a cup of hot chocolate. This could mean that its Sia's or Alfa's favoret drink.
  • Alfa seemes to know Shadow somehow. This being proven when Sia mentoned Shadow's name, Alfa became suprized. Alfa also seemes to know Black Doom and Luna as well.
  • So it could be confirmed that Alfa was on the ARK 50 years ago while Project Shadow and Project Moonstone was takeing place.