Aris Aquamarine 2015
Aris is the alternate version of Sia Sapphire and also great enemies with her in the Life of Heroes RP 2:Death from Above. She first appeares attacking Crash Man in the forset befor Sia came in and fought her. CM then had Alfa hypnotize Bowser into attacking Aris. Then CM turned hre into a trophy for a little while. When Dingodile revived her, she fought with CM again. After Dingodile was shoved into a river by Espio and Tiny was turned into a trophy, Aris escaped and flew off. She is now currently on her way to Black Doom's base.
Aris's Stats


possibly Black Doom, Solar Sunstone, Anti Randy, Alternate Chaotix.


Sia (biggest foe), Crash Man, Bowser (thinking that he was on Sia's side).


Cold Hearted, acts but dosen't think, Mean, not naive, slightly nice to her allies.

Nick Names:

Copyer (by Sia sometimes).




  • Aris's name is like Sia's name spelled backwards, but only it has a "R" in the name.