Here are the possible Aura Energy Elements and there special attacks that a Aura Energy Guardian could gain. Also the color for each attack auras.

Bithstone Element Special Aura Color Special Aura Attack
Garnet Nature Green

Fearless Garden of Garnet

Amethyst Stone Cyan Rugged Fist of Amethyst
Aquamarine Water Red Fierce Seas of Aquamarine
Diamond Light White Bright Light of Diamond
Emerald Ice Purple Frozen City of Emerald
Moonstone Moon Indigo (currently un-sure)
Ruby Sand Orange Endless Deserts of Ruby
Peridot Wind Pink Sky Peridice of Peridot
Sapphire Fire Blue Mystic Fire of Sapphire
Opal Dark Black Dark Void of Opal
Topaz Lightning Yellow Lightning Topia of Topaz
Turquoise Sun Sky Blue (currently un-sure)


  • As of 2017, the Sand element has been changes to the Poison Element.