Active AEG2

The four active guardians: Sia, Noah, Spark, and Sal

Aura Energy Guardians are humans with the ability to control a special aura that holds unimaginal energy. This energy comes from the elements of the world, and there are twelve elements that can create the twelve Aura Energy Guardians.

Before the war between them and the Shadow Beings, there was a generation of Aura Energy Guardians that would consistently be born every five hundred years. After the war, only two guardians survived; Angel who was sent to the future by Alfa, and Phoenix who's status is unknown. Due to Angel still being an active guardian, there couldn't be a new generation of guardians to protect the world until Sia's generation was born. So far there are only four active Aura Energy Guardians in the RP.

Aura Energy Guardians

Sia Sapphire - Status: Active, Hero

Crash Man - Status: Active, Hero

Sal Garnet - Status: Active, Rogue

Spark Topaz - Status: Active, Rogue

Shade Amethyst - Status: Rogue, Artificial AEG.

Special Powers

Sia Sapphire - Mystic Fire of Sapphire

Crash Man - TBA

Sal Garnet - Fearless Garden of Garnet

Spark Topaz - Lightening Topia of Topaz

Shade Amethyst - Shadow Tonics of Onyx

Aura Energy Elements

Sia Sapphire - Fire

Crash Man - Sun

Sal Garnet - Nature

Spark Topaz - Lightning

Shade Amethyst - Shadow (artificial)

Ultimate Aura Energies

Starry Space of Silver

Brave Hearts of Gold