Blaze The Cat 2

Note: This character belongs to Sega

Blaze appeares in the Life of Heroes RP. She is the girlfriend of Silver. She first appeares in the RP almost being forced to marry Demon Sonic, but was saved by Silver, Crash Man and Sia. After that, she fights DS with them. After Silver kills Demon Sonic, Blaze tries to protect Silver from the Night Trio. Then Blaze turns into Burning Blaze in the final battle with Demon Sonic. In the end of the RP, Blaze goes back to her world to solve a problem there, with Sal acomanying her.

Death From Above

Seven Years Later

Seven Years Later Stats


Silver the Hedgehog (boyfriend), Sabir Moonstone, Q-Pid, Juliet, Diamond the Lion, Sia Sapphire, Crash Man, Spark Topaz.


Black Doom, Red Bloodstone.





In the Seven Years Later RP, Blaze is still time traviling through time with her boyfriend, Silver. While the two were at Marble Zone 18 years in the future. Black Doom targeted her and sent Red to find her with Sair, who was thretened into helping Black Doom. After fighting Red and traping Sabir in a force feild, Blaze demamded why Sabir brought Red to the future. After Sabir explained that Black Doom said he would kill Sabir's parents if Sabir didn't do what he said, Blaze and Silver went to the present and helped the heroes stop Black Doom. Then Blaze though of the idea to drive barrels of nuclear waste into the range of the UFO's tractor beam to destroy Black Doom, but didn't menton that it would sacrifice someone's life until Diamond asked how they would get the barrels to the UFO. Blaze was with Silver, Sabir, and Diamond when the heroes splited up on the UFO in search for Sia, Crash Man, and Spark. When Red and Black Doom caught them trying to free the three Aura Energy Guardians, Blaze ran with the other to leave the UFO, only to find after they left that Sabir wasn't with them. Blaze is currently, and supposedly, at G.U.N. sleeping for the night.


  • Blaze is from the tenth dimension, contrary to the Sonic The Hedgehog series, where she is from the Sol Dimension.