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(Not to be confused with Crash Man or Crash the Hedgehog.)

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Crash Bandicoot is a mutated bandicoot living on N. Sanity Island with his siblings and Aku Aku.


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Crash Bandicoot was a normal eastern-barred bandicoot living on N. Sanity Island. That is, until Dr. Neo Cortex showed up and subjected Crash and Tawna to the mutant-creating device known as the Evolvo-Ray. Since then, Crash, his sister Coco, his adopted older cybernetic brother Crunch, and father-like Aku Aku have been thwarting Cortex's plans to take over the world.

Life of Heroes RP 1

Fighting For A Friend

Crash first appears in the very beginning when he comes riding in on a Spike and saves Sia from Shadow the Hedgehog.

How The Tables Turned!

Crash re-appears as a giant version of himself, his growth caused by Doctor Neo Cortex. Shadow appears and warns Sia to stay back, as he transforms into Super Shadow to fight Giant Crash. Crash gets knocked off the bridge and falls into the ocean and drowns. CM and Sia attempt to save him and Shadow leaves briefly, then returns to help them. Unfortunately, the heroes fail and Crash ultimately drowns.

Life of Heroes RP 2: Death From Above (Part 1)

The Return

Crash apparently is somehow returned back to his normal size and survived, as he is seen alive, well, and back to normal size in Part 1 of the 2nd RP. He appears with Aku Aku to fight Spark and Bowser and save the Wisps. He hijacks a Scorporilla and fights hard; however, Dingodile shows up wielding a Dark Cannon and trophifies Crash and Aku Aku.

Life of Heroes RP 2: Death From Above (Part 2)


In Part 2, Crash is rescued by Q-Pid and de-trophified, along with several others in Black Doom's trophy collection.


  • At first, Crash was controlled by Rcisim319, until Crash was zapped by Cortex and turned into a giant. Now, Crash is controlled by Bandicootfan63.
  • Crash appears in his original design in the RPs, although still has the ability to hijack mutants.
  • It is hinted that Aku Aku was the one who returned Crash to normal and saved him.



Deleted Scene From Crash Twinsanity No

Deleted Scene From Crash Twinsanity No.2

Crash is in the last scene.

Crash Twinsanity-Tikimon Boss Battle

Crash Twinsanity-Tikimon Boss Battle