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Demon Sonic
Demon Sonic
Vital statistics
Full Name Demon Sonic
Age  ?
Birthday {{{birthday}}}
Debut Life of Heroes 1
Alignment Villain (LoH1), Neutral-Villain (LoH3)
Role Satan

Arch Duke of the first circle of Hell

Home(s) Hell
Species Demon taken the form of a hedgehog
Gender Male
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Transformations Ability to shapeshift when in Hell or exposed to Nightmaren energy
Family Unnamed son


Allies Arch Dukes


Enemies Sia Sapphire, Crash Man, Shadow the Hedgehog, Night Trio, Ice the Hedgehog, Pinky, Golden Darkness
Nicknames  ?
Status Alive
Demon Sonic

Demon Sonic was the former ruler of Hell before he was killed by Silver and later ultimately destroyed in the battle with Shadow, Crash Man, Crash, Sia, Randy, Dustin, Austin, and the Night Trio at the end of Life of Heroes RP 1.


As a mortal

In his mortal time, Demon Sonic was Anton Veruca, a canine breeder who fled to exotic Kyrat to keep his gambling debts from catching up to him. He managed to regain financial stability and live a healthy life despite the civil war raging in the southern part of the country until, out of nowhere, Dr. Robotnik's Flying Battery stood stationary over Kyrat. This was followed by the deploy of hundreds of hostile robots programmed to seek out and destroy organic matter below the map's poverty line, an attack Anton did not survive.

In death

When he became Satan, he chose an avatar for himself that closely resembled Sonic the Hedgehog, eagerly anticipating Eggman's death so he may take his revenge.


Sia Sapphire

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Although initially facing each other as enemies in LoH1, they form a mutual alliance in order to bring down Ultor's branch in Hell and prevent the extinction of living mortals.

Crash Man

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Similarly to Sia, Crash Man faced Demon Sonic to rescue Blaze in 1 but agreed to a forced alliance in 3, possibly only for Medaka's sake. He still harbors deep resentment towards him for possessing Sia.

Golden Darkness

Main article: Golden Darkness

Demon Sonic, during Yami's brief time in the underworld, treated her as a subordinate but gave her the authority of an Arch Duchess. He ended up somewhat scorning her by arranging her to be married to the then-current Duke of Envy without her consent.