"Hehe....Crazy dream, huh?" - Dingodile after Sia finds him and Tiny next to her tent.

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Dingodile is one of the minions working for Black Doom in the Life of Heroes RP 2: Death from Above. His partner seems to be Tiny Tiger.

Dingodile's Stats


Black Doom, Tiny Tiger, Dr. Cortex, Dr. Tropy, Dr. Eggman, Bowser, Red, Nina.


Crash Bandicoot, Crash Man, Sia, Luna, The Chaotix.



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RP Bio

Dingodile first appeared in the 2nd RP near the sea ruins where the heroes were waiting for Coco to pick them up the Crash Glider. Dingodile just appeared out of no where saying he wanted there "tresure" and attacked them. During the fight, he knocked Luna into Espio and Charmy, then soon after Tiny came and helped Dingodile. Dingodile then came to Red and Bowser to report his and Tiny's mission. Later, Dingodile came to the heroes in a fighter plane with Tiny to attack them. After Tiny got shot down, Dingodile was captured and tied up by Luna and was a captive for a short time. Later, Dingodile and Tiny were found by Sia's tent while trying to find Aris to replace Spark for Black Doom but soon got into another fight. During the fight, Dingodile shot Luna with a fire ball and ended up getting shoved into a river by Espio. Dingodile is most likely currently floating in the river he was shoved in.