Omega is a robot in the E-100 series under the employ of G.U.N. He, along with the rest of Team Dark were partnered with Crash Man and Sia Sapphire when they were recruited.

Omega's Stats

Full Name:

E-123 Omega


Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik


Shadow, Rouge, Crash Man, Sia, Q-Pid, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails the Fox, Big the Cat, Amy Rose, E-10000B, Cream the Rabbit


Doctor Eggman, Black Doom, anyone on Black Doom's side


Big boy (by Q-Pid)




This Machine


RP Bio

Omega first appeared in the 2nd RP at the same time as Rouge did after Shadow recruited Sia, Crash Man and Smerk into G.U.N. At first, Omega said that he could crush them, but later didn't. Omega flew Sia and CM to the city for investigating and discovered that Black Doom's army is driving out everyone there. Soon after, Omega, Shadow, and Rouge headed back to G.U.N. HQ to report. Omega then comes back while Crash Man and the Chaotix were done dressing up for Q-Pid's uncle's dinner party at his mansion. Omega then showed Q-Pid how strong he was using her uncle's weights. After the dinner party, CM was feeling tingly and he started to glow. Omega detected nuclear waste beneath the mansion and got everyone out. Afterwards, they summoned Alfa to cure Crash Man. After he was cured, Aku Aku flew to the heroes. Later, when the campsite was swarmed by crazy bunnies, Sia and the rest of the heroes noticed that Omega, Rouge, Shadow, and Aku Aku were gone.



  • When Omega "arrests" Sia, he recites an altered version of the Miranda Bill of Rights. He also parodies a scene from RoboCop.

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