"Is that so? Well then, allow us to test you'r skills to see how well you can handle things that are "more dangerouse" then you think we are."- Lake before he and the rest of the Vile Fiends attack Sia.

Lake's Stats


Q-Pid (good friend), Shade, Venomiss, Mud-Bud, Sia, Sia's friends and allies.


NightDusk, Sia (formerly).


Sly, Charming, Tricky, Seriouse, a little mysteriouse.


possibly Neutral, possibly Evil.

Lake is a character in the RP Solo Storys: Shade's Master Shadow... NightDusk and Sia's Hometown Shock and the Life of Heroes RP 2: Death from Above. He seems to live under water and sometimes trick people into going into the water. Lake also appeares to understand how crazy Mud-Bud can be. Lake is a member of the Vile Fiends in the RP as the inteligence of the group.


Lake can command water to do what he wants to do. Also, when he looks into someones eyes, he can hypnotize them and make them fall asleep.


  • When Lake argues with Mud-Bud about his waffles, it's similar to what Zim said in the show Invader ZIM.