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Mt. Fate is an abnormally large mountain bordering the Pacific Ocean. It is a largely significant location in the Life of Heroes RPs.


Not much has been revealed about Mt. Fate's location on the map, but it does border the Pacific Ocean and the sun sets behind it.

At it's base is the small, simple town of Fate, which houses several of the services required for modern-day living on the mountain.


Mt. Fate is an ancient mountain that has mystical power, though the purpose of this power is only known by Crash Man's family, most of whom were born and live atop the mountain, their mother guarding it, although her children took over during her leave of absence after her husband's "death".

Over many years, Mt. Fate's sacredness has declined as the number of people who have visited (and lived on) increase, often as a result of CM and Sia's adventures.