Mud Bud
"Venny, take these and get the fugde out of this place with the others. I'm not letting you get into this mess... Never you." - Mud-Bud before his scrifice in the virtual world.

Mud-Bud's Stats


Venomiss (girlfriend), Q-Pid, Shade, Lake.




Crazy, Energetic, hates it when someone refuses to eat his food, Sain (currently).


Hero (for his sacrifice)

Mud-Bud is a character that has appeared in the Life of Heroes RP 2: Death from Above and the RP Solo Storys: Shade's Master Shadow...NightDusk and Sia's Hometown Shock and the Life of Heroes RP 2: Death from Above.

He appeares to be crazy, seeing how he said he made a sqrial when he really made a capcake. His girlfriend is Venomiss and he also has a pet pig named "Pinky".

From Crazy to Sain

The Great Sacrifice

After MissingNo. toke out most of the heroes, Mud-Bud decided that it was enough of it. Mud-Bud then toke off his goggles and gives them, and Sal's hat, to Venomiss saying that she needs to get out of Data Eggman's lab with the other suvivors as fast as she could. Despite Venomiss' plead to not do anything, Mud-Bud kissed her and lured MissingNo. away from the other, giveing Venomiss, Tails, Princessa, Globox and Murfy a gateway to escape. Mud-Bud was reviled to be alive with the other heroes inside MissingNo. and was sent out of the Data world back to the original world with the other heroes that were traped in MissingNo.. After Mud-Bud was reunited with Venomiss, Venomiss huged him and told Mud-Bud to never do something like that again. As a respons, Mud-Bud promissed that he wouldn't.


Mud-Bud can drill himself in the ground about 50 to 70 feet under. He can also throw mud balls.


  • At the end of the Solo Story: Shade's Master Shadow...NightDusk!, he does a scene with waffles that is similar to GIR's waffle scenes in Invader ZIM.