Sal Garnet
Sal2 2017
Vital statistics
Full Name Salvador "Sal" Garnet
Age 14 (LoH1-3)

15 (LoH3-present)

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Debut Life of Heroes 1
Alignment Neutral Hero
Role Aura Energy Guardian of the Nature Element
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Species Human
Gender Male
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Transformations NA
Family NA


Allies NightDusk (former boss/1st RP only), Spark (1st RP only), Shade (possibly), Blaze, Silver, Crash Man (somewhat), Sia (more like an ally).


Enemies Sia (1st RP only), Crash Man (1st RP only), Ice (1st RP so far), Black Doom.
Nicknames NA
Status Alive

"But then again, she is pretty cute.... for a twerp!" - Sal after he, Spark and Shade attacked Sia with all there special attack moves.

Sal Garnet is another Aura Energy Gardian in Life of Heroes RP and Life if Heroes RP 2: Death from Above. When he first appears, he starts to flirt with Sia, but then begins to fight her and Crash Man. During the fight, Shade comes in and gets Sal to continue a "misson" thay were on. Later, Sal appears with Spark and Shade trying to capture Silver for killing Demon Sonic. After some events, Sal, along with the rest of the Night Trio and NightDusk, decides to team up with Sia's and CM's friends to defeat DS. After that, Sal teams up with Blaze to help her with a problem in her world. In the 2nd RP, Sal appeares to have turned over a new leaf and helps Silver and Blaze get the Chaos Emerald from Luna. Sal is now with the heroes in the real form of the Sub-Version relm.

Note: The appearence is the same as the picture here, but Sal is also wearing a white jacket.

7 Years Later

Seven Years Later, Sal was seen near Sia and Crash Man when Crash Man purposed to Sia. Sal congratulated them and then flew off.


  • In the Life of Heroes RP, Sal is very irritated when he gets monster blood on his jacket, showing he may be a drama queen.
  • He appeares to have been a prankster in the begining, seeing how he messes with Nack's hat alot. But he seems to be maturing, this being that he offers Blaze some help.
  • Sal hates being called Sally.