Shade 2017
"Are you really doing this out of love?/How pathetic" - Shade asking Crash Man if he's trying to save Sia for love. And after CM responded.

Shade's Stats

Normal Aura Color:


Special Aura Color:



NightDusk (boss (1st RP only)), Spark, Sal (but gets anoyed with him alot), Shadow (trusting him with the sleep dart to shoot at Sia), Cindy (sister), Venomiss, Mud-Bud, Q-Pid, Lake.


Sia, Crash Man,Ice, Silver, Blaze, Crash the Hedgehog.


Calm, Dark, focases only on the task at hand, hates wausting time, gets a little stuborn sometimes.


1st RP: Evil 2nd RP: None so far.

Shade appeares in Life of Heroes RP as a Aura Energy Guardian and as a member of the Night Trio and working for NightDusk. He first appeares to stop Sal from fighting Sia and Crash Man so that they can continue there misson with Spark. Later, he telaports CM, Shadow and Crash the Hedgehog into Sia's head to free her from Demon Sonic. In the RP Solo Story: Sia's Hometown Shock, Shade becomes the leader of The Vile Fiends, allied by Venomiss, Mud-Bud, Q-Pid and Lake, who attack Sia at the park in her town. In the Life of Heroes RP 2: Death from Above, Shade playes the same role as in the RP Solo Story, only the team has spred out around the, possibly, the world. Shade is currently with the heroes telling them what is happening to Luna.


  • Shade's personality is simaler to Shadow's, exept that Shade dosen't really care about things like friendship, or compasion.
  • Shade's real name is unknown, Shade dosen't even know himself