Team Hooligan2
"Uh...Team Hooligan, time to get out of here!" - Nack telling the team to retreat after Sia found out Nack burried Sonic in the first place.

Note: This team and all the team's members belong to Sega.

Team Stats


Nack (leader), Bean, Bark.


Dr. Eggman (1st RP), Jade (Nack only), Crash (Nack only), Sia (Bean only and only in the begining of the 2nd RP).


Black Doom (Nack and Bean only), Sia, Crash Man.



Team Hooligan appeared in mainly the Life of Heroes RP. The team consist of, Nack (leader), Bean and Bark. They first appeared in there actually team while Crash Man, Shadow and Crash were fighting Demon Sonic inside Sia's head. They were hired by Dr. Eggman for a job. In the 2nd RP, they appeared sepretly, with Bean meeting Sia in the begining, Nack being captured with Bean by Black Doom, and Bark not appearing yet.



In the RPs, Nack is usually seen useing his sniper gun as a method of attack like in the Sonic games and Sonic Comics. Bean and Bark also have used attacks and weaponds from Sonic the Fighters and Sonic Comics, as Bean is shown with his boms and Bark with his strangth and flatening other's heads in a artoon fasion. Team Hooligan are also able to ride Extream Gear and use Nack's Marvelous Queen as a way of transportation.

LoH RP Exclusive

In Life of Heroes RP 2: Death from Above: Part 2, Bean and Bark are shown flying on bongo jet-packs in Jungle Jam Galaxy. And in Life of Heroes 3, one of the members shot a arow at Luna's back at Hang Castle, though it's unknown witch member used the arow or how much experiance he has with it.


  • In the 1st RP, the team uses Extreme Gear as transportation, but they are seen in Nack's Marvelous Queen in Life of Heroes RP 2: Death From Above: Part 2.
  • Life of Heroes 3 is the first RP when all three character were introduced at the same time in their team, while in Life of Heroes RP, Nack aqppeared first and Bean and Bark came in later. And in Life of Heroes RP 2: Death from Above, all three characters are not shown in their team untill Part 2 when Nack found Bean and Bark in Jungle Jam Galaxy.